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Full Service

Complete Amazon Channel Management

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Our Highest Ticket Service is Perfect for Established Brands

5% No Cap!


Includes One-On-One and group Amazon Coaching

One-on-one Coaching Starts at $999/month

Our Highest Ticket Service is Perfect for Established Brands

10% No Cap!


Any Online Training Program without Coaching

Great Commission Per Course Sold​

Prices Starting at $3,999

50% No Cap!

Misc. Services

Any Service Not included in Other Categories

Recurring Services Offer Monthly Residuals

Includes PPC Management

5% No Cap!

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"TurnKey Product Management has tremendously helped our brand, EcoQube, succeed and grow...We decided to buy TurnKey's full course so we could train [our in-house] team quickly...we also joined TurnKey's Inner Circle...allow[ing] us to learn in weeks what we would learn in a few months, or even years, if at all...we couldn't achieve this kind of success as quickly without the help of TurnKey."

Rax Alvarez

Head of Sales, Aqua Design Innovation

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"[Jeff] had some really amazing insights into some things I could do on really help increase awareness of my traffic...and build sales...I applied it to my business and I was amazed...The trainings provide so much value and I'm excited to see where they take our Amazon business next."

Georgie Mayhew

Owner, Yoga Brand

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"I signed up with the one-on-one coaching and it has been, by far, the best decision I've ever made with my Amazon career...My conversion rate improve conversion rates went up from 10-15% to over 20%! Just from the tweaks Jeff and his team told me to make to my product page!...They really know Amazon...I truly believe in what they are doing!"


Owner, Pet Health Brand


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If full service consulting is purchased, the Affiliate earns a 5% commission with no cap on TurnKey’s revenue. 

For example: If you refer someone who is our full service client for 2 years spending $200,000 you will have an extra $10,000 in your pocket! 

If the Affiliate refers a customer that signs up for our Inner Circle Coaching, the Affiliate shall receive a 10% commission on TurnKey’s income from that customer without a cap. 
For example: If you refer a customer that signs up for 6 months of coaching you will earn $900!  

If the Affiliate refers a customer that signs up for a paid course such as Growth Strategies on Amazon, the Affiliate shall receive  a 50% commission on TurnKey’s income from that customer without a cap.

For example: If you refer a customer who purchases our course you will EARN $2,000!


Should a referral purchase multiple services at one time the referral commission reverts to the lower percentage of the items purchased. For example, if a referral purchases both a course (a 20% commission service) and coaching (a 10% commission service) package the affiliate would receive an initial payment of 10% of the combined price of the course and coaching plus ongoing residuals of 10% of the coaching price for as long as the referral is a coaching client with TurnKey. 

However, should a referral purchase multiple services at different times the referral commission remains unchanged. For example if a referral purchases a coaching package then later purchases a course, the affiliate would receive an initial payment of 10% of the price of coaching plus ongoing residuals of 10% of the coaching price for as long as the referral is a coaching client with TurnKey and they would also receive a one-time payment of 20% of the price of the course. 

At the time of this writing, TurnKey uses an affiliate software that provides a unique affiliate URL link that the Affiliate can share with friends. The software tracks the clicks up until they purchase something on TurnKey’s website, at which point the referral is automatically tracked. At the time of this writing, the affiliate software cannot track with 100% accuracy if a customer signs up for full service consulting. As a back up, in our introductory questionnaire with clients, we ask them client to verify if they were referred by a third-party, and if so, whom. The Affiliate may also introduce the referred customer via email or some other trackable method of their choosing. Furthermore, the Affiliate may reach out to TurnKey periodically to check with our team if we have signed any of their referrals. TurnKey will make its best effort to honestly and accurately track referrals and commissions.  A large portion of our business has come from referrals, and we are happy to reward our Affiliate partners because your success is our success!

The Affiliate will only be compensated for referrals made directly from the Affiliate. While we appreciate and encourage affiliates to introduce new affiliates to this opportunity, there is no compensation structure in place for such introductions and the Affiliate will not receive any additional compensation for referrals made by affiliates the Affiliate has introduced to TurnKey.

If you introduce TurnKey to another Referral Partner and that person refers TurnKey any paying clients, you will receive a one-time commission of $250 after the first paying client pays TurnKey. Please note, you will not be paid a % (percentage) of revenues or multiple $250 commissions for each paying client. This is a one-time payment of each Referral Partner you introduce.

The relationship between the parties is that of independent contractors. Nothing in this Agreement shall in any way be construed to constitute either party as an agent, employee, partner, joint venture, or representative of the other party. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, neither party is authorized to bind the Member to any liability or obligation or to represent that either party has any such authority.

The Affiliate will be paid their commissions every quarter at the end of March, June, September, and December on any referred client payments made within that quarter. Referrals must remain active, paying customers past TurnKey’s refund window (60 days) and the Affiliate must be a current affiliate in good standing with Turnkey. If a referral requests a refund, or the Affiliate is no longer active, then the affiliate payment is forfeited.

There is no cost to become a TurnKey Affiliate. However, any costs incurred by the Affiliate are the Affiliates sole responsibility.

If you still have additional questions, reach out to us at

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