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What’s New on Amazon: Episode 52: How to Prep for the Holidays on Amazon

Is your brand ready for the holidays? This is bound to the biggest year of online sales ever and today Jenna and Amanda are discussing how you can prep to totally crush it during the holidays. If you have questions about this update or questions about Q4, please reach out to our team by heading to! To get and


The Beginners’ Guide To Getting Started with Amazon FBA

This post was written by our friends at FreeeUp for the TurnKey Playbook for Amazon Blog This article was contributed by Jeff Lieber and his team from TurnKey Product Management, an Amazon marketing agency. With over 12 years of Amazon experience, over 150K products sold, and over 8-figures in revenue made for our clients each year, we are uniquely positioned to


What’s New on Amazon: Holiday Return Window is Here and Sooner Than You Think

Quarter 4 is finally here and we hope it is off to a great start with Prime Day kicking off as of yesterday.  Now that it is Q4, it is important to keep the Q4 return window in mind because it does change during this time in order to accommodate customers.  With the addition of Prime Day, Amazon has made


What’s New on Amazon: It’s been announced… are you ready?

Prime Day has officially been announced!  This year Prime Day will be October 13th and 14th and the big question is… are you ready? Prime Day is the biggest day of the year for sellers so it is important that you are prepared and getting your products out there for your customers!  For Prime Day we suggest you do the


What’s New on Amazon: When was the last time you looked at your Amazon Storefront?

When was the last time you looked at your Amazon Storefront?  Your Amazon Storefront is a fun place to express your brand and give your customers more information on the product. With limited places to educate the customer, it is important that you take advantage of new opportunities that come from the Storefront.  Recently Amazon came out with a new

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