What’s New on Amazon: What should you be looking out for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

It is finally here! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are officially on the horizon. Are you ready? 

A lot of people ask us about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and what they should be doing to make sure it is successful. 

The good news is, if you have been following along with us this whole time you are prepared and already have everything set up! Now, what is next? 

Here are the best practices the day for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 

  1. Stay in budget on your ads. The last thing you want is to run out of budget on your ads mid-Black Friday or Cyber Monday which would result in no ads running during the biggest shopping days of the year. 
  2. Stay in budget with your coupon clippings. Coupon clippings, like ad campaigns, have budgets allowances that can run out prematurely if you aren’t careful. You can increase your budgets if you hit your limits, but be sure you’re ready to keep tabs on where they are at throughout the day. 
  3. Watch your lightning deals. If you are one of the lucky few that got picked up for one of the deals, watch it! If it’s doing super well and driving tons of sales, think about increasing the number of units to capitalize on the opportunity. 
  4. Overall, keep your eyes on your account. You all know how Amazon is, and unexpected things happen. Keep your eyes on your account to fix any issues if they come up.

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