Episode 20: The Importance of Self-Education: Tips for Maximizing ROI on Online Training Programs

Today on the podcast, Jeff is sharing about why it’s important to invest in self-education. Many are over the idea of buying courses, but we’re here to share why courses are the best investment you can make in your business.

Minute Markers:

2:40- Why buying a course gives you more motivation

3:18- How courses can save you time

5:05- How courses can help you build team unification

7:28- How can a course make you more money

8:42- Look for a guarantee

10:10- How to make the most of the education you get from courses

11:45- Note taking pro tip

12:45- Assigning time lengths to tasks

161:16- If you need help with generating customer reviews on Amazon, check out our COURSE!

17:10- Growth Strategies Course for selling on Amazon

19:45- Special deal: Sign up for one month of Inner Circle Coaching and get the Accelerator courses for FREE!

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