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TurnKey has trained and advised

Mark Cuban Companies'

portfolio to help them scale on Amazon!

Case Study - Working with the Greatest in Sports
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One of TurnKey’s most well-known clients has over 500 professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and other professional sports associations endorsing the product, and is co-owned by one of the most famous NBA players of all time. They requested to not be publicly mentioned on the website materials, but we can share more about them on the phone only.

We helped more than double their sales on Amazon in four months. Our team was able to accomplish these goals by first optimizing their listings for higher conversion rates, working with their athletes and other influencers to spread awareness of their Amazon business. In addition to that, our team used a number of Amazon tactics and an aggressive PPC advertising plan.

Working with big brands and big names has given us the opportunity to test out of the box strategies that make it possible to see BIG results FAST!

Case Study
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TurnKey has analyzed all of our listings, images, keywords and really optimized everything...Since working with TurnKey, our sales have increase by about 35%...our listings all rank on the first page...our ACOS has decreased significantly...We look forward to working with TurnKey for many months and years to come!"

- Jake

Co-Founder, BearKomplex

Case Study

VitaCup is a great example of how our services can benefit companies who are just beginning on Amazon. As a vitamin infused coffee K-cup seller, they are in a very competitive niche. We began running their Amazon channel relatively early in the process and were able to quickly grow their sales. They are now experiencing amazing profitability and remain satisfied clients to this day!

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Sales Growth

$7,000 per month to $110,000+ per month in just 90 Days!


Sales Snapshot

Same client later grew to $360,000/month within the first year! (2)

We tried setting up our coffee products on Amazon ourselves, and it was very challenging and time-consuming and cumbersome. We had a ton of issues and low sales. That’s when we heard about TurnKey Product Management and we immediately hired them to take over managing our Amazon marketing in May 2017, and four months later, our sales have increased 16 fold. In May we had less than 300 orders ($7,000) and in July we had over 4,600 units ($111,000) on Amazon. In the past 30 days, we’ve sold 6,100 units for $140,000 in sales. The growth has been unbelievable. After four months of having Turnkey Product Management clean up and manage our listings, including running promotions, setting up our inventory with FBA warehouses, assisting with back orders, running lightning deals, Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, and setting up a monthly subscription model, we have surpassed $300,000 in sales. Their expertise and customer service makes us proud partners of TurnKey Product Management."

- Brandon 

CEO, VitaCup

Case Study

If you are already an Amazon pro, look to this client to see exactly how we can help you grow your business. Let us continue to push your Amazon channel to new heights. Meanwhile, our services free you up to focus on what you love

to do within your business!

Sales Growth

$213,000 to $744,000+ in just 9 months!


Close Up Snapshot

Checkout these numbers! (4)

While we already experienced great success on Amazon prior to working with TurnKey Product Management, our sales have more than doubled in the few short months since Jeff and his team took over! Their optimization and attentiveness to the health of our listings is second to none. They really do an amazing job of studying our brand and making it as if it is their own. The amount of time they allowed me to free up and focus on other aspects of my business has been a tremendous help. I would recommend Turnkey Product Management to any business, big or small, that needs help selling on Amazon."

TurnKey Client

We have not named this client per their request

Sales Snapshot

$672,000+ in just 30 Days!

Case Study

Ryan Moran is a man with many hats: 8-figure serial entrepreneur, Founder of, host of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast, TurnKey Business Partner.

Moran's products generate about $10 million a year, 90% of his sales came from Amazon. He has used what he learned about building a high-revenue business into a portfolio of them.

We're so excited to have him on TurnKey’s board of advisors. He personally advises TurnKey on Amazon and business strategies. Ryan has officially partnered with TurnKey and recommends TurnKey as his go to Amazon company of choice.


Founder, Jeff Lieber, hanging out at Ryan Moran’s lakehouse, learning from the best!

My highest endorsement is to Jeff Lieber over at TurnKey Product Management. I've been hoping for many years that there would be somebody who came to this space who actually got Amazon and could do a good job of managing clients. Jeff is definitely the best that I know, he's the best that I've seen. Jeff's team is better than most entrepreneurs I work with at managing Amazon stores. It's like having a really really good employee at the cost of basically an entry-level employee."

- Ryan Daniel Moran





Ecoqube is an innovative company that makes an amazing line of self-cleaning aquariums and more. They were successful on Kickstarter but, despite advertising heavily on Facebook, struggled to become profitable on Shopify in their post-Kickstarter life. So, the team of four decided to shake things up and focus on growing on Amazon instead of floundering on Shopify. Before retaining TurnKey, they launched in June 2016, and while they did a good job of growing the business to about $12,000 per month on their own, they were not leveraging the true power of Amazon or utilizing traffic strategies and advertising platforms to their full capacity.

After failing to grow past their initial volume, the company hired us to help take them to the next level in late September 2016. Over the next four months, TurnKey helped them to quadruple their business; reaching over $35,000 in November 2016 and nearly $50,000 in December 2016. We continue to manage their Amazon business to this day, and they remain ecstatic about their performance levels.

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Jeff and his team… optimized our keywords… started running our Amazon PPC and freed up 5 – 10 hours a week of my time… helped optimize our follow up process which resulted in more organic reviews and higher rankings… Turnkey Product Management is Awesome and they really know what they are doing."

- Kevin Liang

FOUNDER, Aqua Design Innovation

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TurnKey Product Management has tremendously helped our brand, EcoQube, succeed and grow...We previously enlisted the full services of TurnKey and they took care of our Amazon advertising and systems...with great, great success...We decided to buy TurnKey's full course so we could train [our in-house] team quickly...allow[ing] us to learn in weeks what we would learn in a few months, or even years, if at all...we couldn't achieve this kind of success as quickly without the help of TurnKey."

- Rax Alvarez

Head of Sales, Aqua Design Innovation

Case Study
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"I signed up with the one-on-one coaching and it has been, by far, the best decision I've ever made with my Amazon career...My conversion rate improve conversion rates went up from 10-15% to over 20%! Just from the tweaks Jeff and his team told me to make to my product page!...They really know Amazon...I truly believe in what they are doing!"


Owner, Pet Health Brand

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